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I already pay for the ASHA registry - do I still have to pay a fee to send my participation to the r

Any fees paid to brIQht ideas are separate and different than fees paid to ASHA.

ASHA charges a fee to be a part of their registry and to be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs through approved providers.

brIQht ideas may assess a fee for course attendees in order to send their participation to the ASHA registry. ย The only way to earn ASHA CEUs is to be a part of the registry, meet all course participation requirements, and have the ASHA approved provider submit them - you cannot submit courses to the registry yourself.

If you maintain course certificates, but do not opt in to submit through us, you will be earning CMHs vs. ASHA CEUs and courses will not be posted on the ASHA registry.

Attending courses in conferences like SLP Summit is free and you will automatically earn CMHs for participating. However, the administrative fee charged by brIQht ideas is assessed to cover our costs for registering and reporting courses to ASHA.

You can read more about the difference between ASHA CEUs and CMHs here