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I registered for a free course but did not pay the fee to send my participation to the ASHA registry

If you registered for a course or conference and did not initially opt in to send your course participation details to the ASHA registry, you can do that anytime before the deadline listed for the courses you attended.  See the Participation and Completion requirements on the course details for specific details on deadlines.  

If you are within the deadline, return to the 'My Courses' tab at and locate the course you would like to opt in for.  Click on the ASHA  tab. If you have not yet paid, you will be directed back to the course registration page. Once there, you can enter in your payment information and you will be redirected to the ASHA tab to enter in your ASHA info. For SLP Summit, all other courses will also be unlocked at this point.  Be sure to go in and opt in for each course individually (only one payment is needed for all SLP Summit courses).