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What are the different course fees listed on the payments page?

When viewing your payments made to brIQht ideas, you will notice different reasons listed for different classes.  Here is a list of payment codes you may see and what they mean:

  1. Course Fee:
    This payment is for a paid course where participants earned CMH or CEU hours, both of which were included in the course price.  
  2. Unlocked ASHA CEU Registry:
    This payment is for a free course that offered free CMH hours; however, a fee was assessed by brIQHt ideas to unlock the ability for you to complete additional steps for brIQht ideas to send your participation to the ASHA registry.  This fee does not guarantee submittal to the registry.  You must complete all opt in steps for every course you take in order for brIQht ideas to send your participation to ASHA; however, this fee unlocks that feature for you to opt in.  If you have questions about opt in steps, check the course details or email us at prior to the opt in deadline.