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I'm logged in, but the video will not play.

brIQht ideas delivers video lessons (embedded on brIQht ideas) to participants via Vimeo. If you are using a work internet, there may be security issues that interfere with your access to one of our courses.

If your district/school has blocked, it is still possible to enable the embedded brIQht ideas lesson videos so you can view a course. Please forward this information to your system/network administrator so they can setup the necessary access. 

Also, Internet Explorer is not a supported browser when viewing videos.

brIQht ideas looks for the following resources to be accessible to determine if Vimeo is available: and

To enable access to brIQht ideas video lessons (embedded) for accessing our courses, please follow the steps below:

1. Unblock,,

2. Add,, as Allowed Referrers

3. Ensure your web filter allows secure (encrypted) requests from

4. Clear the browser cache (in chrome, safari etc.)

Please note that the above steps will still block your ability to access videos from directly and only allows you to access the brIQht ideas embedded videos.

As a workaround while your district works on access, you can try accessing the course on a different network (e.g. your cell phone using cellular data, or a home network).